Meet the Cohort

Emilee Craig

My name is Emilee Craig, and I grew up in Quapaw, Oklahoma. I am a Cherokee Nation Native American and have been actively involved in my culture since childhood. Before enrolling at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, I had no idea what branch of agriculture I wanted to study, and this is when I stumbled upon Paths to Provide. I have had the opportunity to work for Dr. Arnall in the Soil Testing Lab and have many hands-on experiences at NEO through classes. I want my takeaway from this program to be to continue exploring different aspects of agriculture and end up using them together as one, specifically in my native land, to improve farming to feed future generations.

Teegin Crosthwait

Hi, I’m Teegin Crosthwait. I am from Stillwater, Oklahoma and am a member of the Cherokee Nation. I began this program with little prior knowledge about entomology, plant, or soil sciences; however, I have begun to really enjoy these fields. I spent this summer at the Oklahoma and Central Plains Agricultural Research Center for Forage and Pasture Management. I completed my own research project and presented my findings at the annual Rainfed Agriculture Innovation Network (RAIN) meeting in Wichita, Kansas. I am planning to use all the knowledge I have learned from Paths to Provide to assist in my future career in Animal Nutrition.

Jacob Long

Hello, my name is Jacob Long. I am a member of the Cherokee Nation, and I’m from Fairland, Oklahoma. My current interests lie in hydrology and aquatic entomology. I am not sure exactly what I would like to do after I complete my time in Paths to Provide, but I know that I would like to work in either government or for the tribes. For the tribes, our land is our history, but our land is also our future. Ensuring the quality of our land for generations to come is key to ensuring the success of native peoples everywhere.

Dylan Lunsford

My name is Dylan Lunsford, and I am from Chouteau, Oklahoma. I am both Cherokee and Creek Indian and am part of the Cherokee Tribe. I have just started the next step of the Paths to Provide program and am in my junior year at Oklahoma State University. While in this program, I have developed an interest in studying fungi and hope to learn more about fungal growth and the different ways we can use it.

Lindsey McKay

I’m Lindsey McKay, born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I am of Native American descent belonging to the Seminole and Kickapoo tribes. I didn’t think I would have an opportunity to go to college, but my perspective quickly changed when I learned about Paths to Provide. During my time in this program, I have worked at J-M Farms as a mushroom grower tech and at the NEO greenhouse as a horticulturist. I am now a student at OSU and am excited to learn all the things about insects and soil through this institution. I also look forward to future job opportunities that I have no doubt will solidify my understanding of agronomy and entomology.

Grace Wishard

My name is Grace Wishard. I am from Chouteau, Oklahoma. I am Cherokee Indian and am a current student in the Paths to Provide Program. Over the last summer, I interned with USDA NRCS. From there, my internship has already developed into a full-time career for me. I have discovered that I really love research and am so excited to continue in this program and see just how far Paths to Provide can take me!

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